Friday, August 6, 2010

1st Studio Main Business

1. Digital Recording studio (Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering)
2. Band practice studio.
3. VST plugin development.

1st studio is not just about business, we would like to growth together with people love music and music production. Sharing and discussion is available every (work) day.

The best recording in Most FM Medan 2008 with Hoppipolla.
The best recording in Prambors FM Medan 2009 with Megalodon.

Practice Studio @hour: Rp 30.000,-
Digital Recording track by track @hour: Rp 75.000,-
Live recording @hour: Rp 150.000,-
Mixing and Mastering @song: Rp 100.000,-,Rp 200.000,-Rp 300.000,-

Support my band in facebook "ReBorN Medan".


  1. hi mate heard your master eq surprised with its true representation its personality but couple or three things makes me sad
    1st - the Q factor knob i dont know why you reverse it . it can lead to mess understood
    2nd - the link knob wich a UAD's idea ( Why not ?! )
    3rd i'm a pretty GUI's fan ( softube WAves and the list going on ) and i v heard a lot of plugins where were not half the good yours Sound but there GUI's where the seller to them ( i dont know how much is yours but i think they r not so heavy to the pockets i dont know either did you make good money from your treasures or sadly not ) but i know some , that your plugs were not marketed well and the GUI s of them ( i m sorry to say that ) have not this top Gui sellers vipe ( much respect for the incredible sound ) so
    1 - i m offering you a deal
    the Gui s of ur dreams will desined by me ( and you can test me )
    and i guaranteed that you will have a new pocket refreshment ( i m 27 years old just to be on the track ).
    2 - a must have a cool dark web site i can design it for you too
    3 - the other side of the deal will be in your hands ( you must know i m interest to work with you hope to be like u know softubish not to rip your pockets ;) or some )
    make me offer what ever it s i well accept it
    good luck

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