Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free VST - Next Level

Free VST RP-GO-PACK v.1.1 vst plugin. (release 28/11/2010)

ReChromE and ReGolD Amp vst plugin. (release 08/12/2010)




  1. Hello...
    I'm testing these plugins...
    Gates are very useful. Good idea to give mono and stéréo version.
    I'm less convinced by your compressors...But, i have to test them a lot more...
    I love the EQs...Perhaps i am mistaken...But, i'm hearing a color feeling. I don't think you try to make these Re-Q transparents...Is it the truth ? Great sound and "warmth" for my own opinion.

    A little question: Do you think about doing vst color effects, one day ? Tools like reel to reel audio tape warmer ?...

    Thank you... ...Sébastien...

  2. Hi,
    Gates -> Nice to know very useful. The reason separate mono and stereo to prevent any crash.

    Compressor, The G series still got problem. But the L just as my expectation.

    I didnt make any coloration in EQ. Just standard EQ like others, but the dual stereo version is very good in master bus/group. None did this (in free).

    Bootsy did good job in this color fx like tube or tape warmer etc. And also Meldawaveshaper.
    Any tube/tape/waveshaper will be less useful when there is no oversampling.
    The oversampling make digital sound so close to real one/hardware.

    I will build something that different or better than already one in vst world.


  3. Hi...
    Sorry to disturb you again...But, can you explain me what is exactly a Waveshaper ? How does-it work on the sound ? is-it like a clipper ? (Perhaps it would be a good idea to explain this in the mixing tutorial ebook, for other ones that are a little "stupid", like me...)

    Cheers Ronald... ...Sébastien...

  4. Hi,
    Disturb? No, i will reply if i have time.
    Btw no one stupid, just people know something few time ago than you. Just it!

    You audio recording/signal is a wave right?
    So waveshaper means a tool to re-shape/re-curve your audio recording/signal/wave and another harmonic will come out after that.

    Your clipper,tape saturation, compressor, gate, limiter,limiting amplifier,waveshaping etc is WAVESHAPER.

    Yeah, it is good to put it in the tutorial.
    I will, but in mean time let me finish my mixing (job) and amp first. Too many thing to accomplish, my eyes has limit.

    Btw, nice having good conversation with you.

  5. Ok... Everything, about waveshaper, is clear in my brain now. Thank you for fast reply and useful explanations.
    I wish you happy times... ...Sébastien...

  6. Hello...
    I love as much Rechrome as Regold... For my own point of view, these preamps are really good.
    I ask myself if it would be a good idea to put a dry/wet knob on such tool, for some particular purposes...Is-it a stupid idea ?...
    Programming a vst is a very long and difficult business. So, i have much respect for all your hard work...

  7. For my own point of view, these preamps are really good.
    -> We are in the same point of view.

    I ask myself if it would be a good idea to put a dry/wet knob on such tool, for some particular purposes...Is-it a stupid idea ?
    -> It is good idea too. But too many job in studio. This month have to finish 8 + 3 song to mix and remix and also photo for album cover etc.
    In my band i am the writer, arranger, guitar, recording, editing, mixing and mastering.
    What a lovely job!

    So, i have much respect for all your hard work...
    -> You are welcome!


  8. No one make donation, so sad LoL


  9. hi ronald! thanks, you are a great guy and you did a great job! mac users who want to use ronald's plugins please check out my blog:


  10. After exactly 2 years in VST development i decide quick.
    Right now focusing become Mixing Engineer!


  11. don't do that just because some people don't like your stuff man! that should only make you better at what you do! you can't possibly please everybody in this world. you really are a great guy.. cheers!

  12. Hello,
    Thanks for the good sound tools !
    I don't know what is the function of antiphase and where how I can use oversampling (perheaps is it always oversampling?).
    Thanks for your help

  13. Antiphase, your wave has positive and negative value. By click antiphase positive become negative and vice versa.

    Antiphase will avoid audio from audio cancelation.
    For example you have double track guitar, the left one is standard and the right one is antiphase one. Hear the different.
    Or also in your drum track, i am sure you will hear some thing (very lite)

    Yes, class A is 2 os high quality and B is 2 os lower quality.


  14. Keren banget brader...harus banyak belajar nih gw dari brader

  15. Hei, sama2 bos.
    Semaking di bagi semakin tajam tuh piso, hehe

  16. Thanks for the plugins. To my ears, the guitar amp (Revolitionz) sounds really good. I made a short test of it. It runs without any problem in multiple instances (I used 4 of it in my track):

  17. rechrome and regold crashed in reaper daw. or am i the only person who experience this?

  18. Thanks for RevolutionZ !
    I discovered it now (i know, i'm late).

    It is one of the best sim amp EVER.
    And i tested a lot, from commercial ones to freeware ones.

    My new fav high gain amp : love the dynamic, tight bottom and crunchy highs.
    And all those settings to shape the sound are top.
    I don't even need an overdrive pedal in front of it : plug and play.
    Thanks again ;)

    And take care.


  19. Wow, amazing work. thanks for share

  20. Revolutionz is fantastic, particularly the high gain settings. Thanks!

  21. I don't get it, this vst should be in everyone's studio. Best Marshall tones I've ever heard out of a plugin. I can get jose mod type stuff out of this! With some tweaking mind you, but it's there! Someone sign Ronald up for a developing gig. I use these exclusively now. Nothing else compares.

  22. Ronald, the links appear to be broken. Can you put them back online?


  23. Download links seem to be still broken.

  24. Please update the links!!! Links no longer working!!

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  26. would like to try you revolution z amp plugin but download links of your vst is all broken, any chance to rehost these?

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